The Chronicles of Freylar

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Welcome to Freylar; a domain set in a fantasy realm akin to the fairy-tale worlds described to young children. However, this surreal alternate world has a darker undercurrent, and it falls to The Blades, a militant order, to defend the people from those half-seen horrors born of the shadow. The Chronicles of Freylar closely follows the native inhabitants of Freylar - the Freylarkai - and their continued struggle to survive in their beautiful, yet hostile, environment.

The Chronicles of Freylar is suited primarily to adults and mid-to-late teens. The series is a work of both dark fantasy and dystopian science fiction, which follows the dual identity of its protagonist across two very different worlds, linked by a chance encounter. Some scenes of horror, violence and mild sexual content are present throughout the series, though it is predominantly a work of fantasy. Volume #1, titled Second Chance, is available now in both eBook and paperback editions. You can follow the development of the series here, as well as on social media.

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Second Chance | Volume #1 | The Chronicles of Freylar

Callum is a member of the Shadow class, the lowest rank in human society. His kin lead desperate lives; they survive on the scraps left by an over-indulgent post-apocalyptic humanity, clinging to the remains of a broken metropolis. Their increasing numbers – a result of ineffective government policies failing to address the issue – prompts those in power to instigate an unethical process of forced relocation known as the Rout, ignored by an indifferent society looking to bury its problems. Abandoned by his parents to endure a childhood of children’s homes, followed by teen life surviving on the streets, Callum develops a staunch determination to endure the horrors life throws at him. He is a survivor, able to think fast on his feet, yet his principles hasten his near death during a chance encounter with an enigmatic alien entity. Callum is given a choice; take his chances with his now ruined body, or gamble on a new life.

Awakened within the comatose body of a non-human female and faced with a distraught father, Callum is reborn as Rayna, in an entirely new world, presenting the opportunity to start over. Rayna’s new world – Freylar – has a darker undercurrent, and it falls to The Blades – a militant order – to defend the Freylarkai from those horrors born of the shadow. Rayna is inducted into The Blades as she tries to navigate through her strange environment and master new and wonderful abilities, yet she finds herself fighting two battles; one against the repressed memories of her miserable past, and the other a war versus fresh nightmares seeking to claim dominance over her new world.

You can preview the eBook here on Amazon Kindle.

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“Second Chance: The Chronicles of Freylar: No.1”

I would definitely recommend this book and was hooked from the very first chapter. Definitely one of those "hard to put down" books. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

Christine Field - Waterstones - 5/5

“The narrative is engaging and has good pace”

The narrative is engaging and has good pace. The characters are well crafted and relatable in spite of being totally different. I absolutely loved the concept of a "body switch" situation. Very much looking forward to reading about Callum/Rayna's continued development in The Blades during the next instalment. If you're looking for a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Adventure with an interesting twist, look no further. Thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommended.

Matt Wells - Amazon UK - 5/5

“Intriguing and a great debut novel”

Great for fantasy lovers and an interesting take on the body-swap concept. I am looking forward to the next book!

Liane Simmonds - Waterstones - 5/5

“A very promising start”

I have found the author's first novel to start slowly for me. There is a good reason for that though. He tries to introduce us to two new worlds at the same time, showing all intricate details: a cruel and unforgiving dystopia, and magical fantastic world. The author does not try to 'put on anyone else's hat', he is not copying successful, great writers, he has his own ideas, plots and characters. I have found the main character's straightforwardness and honesty, and unappeasable curiosity a really good mix of personality traits. I am looking forward to read the next episode, hoping that it will be even more captivating...

Tobor Morocz - Amazon UK - 5/5

“When I read the first two chapters I knew I...”

When I read the first two chapters I knew I had to concentrate properly on the story. At chapter 4, I cannot put the book down. It is intriguing and I am looking forward to a sequel!

Sue Coole - Amazon UK - 5/5

“Can't wait for the second book - very good story”

I really like fantasy books and this book was really good, it had a great story that kept you gripped wanting to know what was coming next. Will be looking forward to the second part.

Sandra Birkinshaw - Amazon UK - 5/5

“Bring on the next book PLEASE!”

It is rare I find a new author where the world brings they create brings bright new ideas and ignites one's imagination, but here Second Chance achieves this with not one but two worlds. First couple of chapters are intense in their description, but once in, I struggled to put the book down as the story quickly gripped me with a wanting to find out more. I strongly hope this is the first of many books the author creates within these new worlds ripe for more adventure and intrigue!

Amazon UK - 5/5

“Great debut for a promising author and series”

I very much enjoyed reading this. A good premise for a series while also being an entertaining tale in its own right. I found the characters to be interesting and well fleshed out while also leaving the reader wanting to know more about them and their motivations. From the authors Facebook page I believe that a sequel is already in the works. Look forward to reading it!

David Padwick - Amazon - 5/5

“Couldn't put this book down. Fantastic!”

This is a fast-paced book with plenty of plot twists and turns that had me hooked right until the end! I would highly recommend it to any science fiction/fantasy fans (and even to those who aren't fans)! I'm looking forward to reading the next instalment already.

Shola Yates - Waterstones - 5/5

Knights Thranis | Volume #2 | The Chronicles of Freylar

Due for release Summer 2017
Editing in progress

The Blades are left reeling in the wake of the recent invasion of Freylar as they struggle to reconcile their losses and bolster waning morale. Recruitment is at an all-time low and The Vengeful Tears – an increasingly zealous band of surviving Blades led by Anika – become cause for concern. In a desperate attempt to solve the problem, Anika is chosen to accompany Rayna, who is tasked with the onerous mission of establishing a new trust with the estranged order of the Knights Thranis. Together she and Rayna must journey to Freylar’s southern lands to mend the fractured alliance between the orders. Pledging their services to the Knights, the pair engage in The Hunt in a bid to prove their worth. However, before Anika can earn the Knights’ trust, she must first repair the damage to her own soul.

During their secondment to the Knights Thranis, Anika and Rayna learn more about the mysterious order and its true motives – and more importantly, about themselves. Yet while they fight alongside their new companions, seeking to earn the Knights’ trust, their domain faces new challenges; previously strong relationships begin to crack and old enemies bide their time in the shadows, licking wounds and harbouring grudges, whilst scheming Freylar’s newest downfall.

Shattered Exile | Volume #3 | The Chronicles of Freylar

Due for release Winter 2018
Writing in progress

Author | Get in touch

The Chronicles of Freylar started life as a single manuscript titled project ‘Night-Night’; an endeavour which I commenced whilst sitting beside my son, who had great difficulty sleeping at night. My presence comforted Tristan, helping him to doze off, and whilst he slowly drifted away each night seeking fresh adventures within his dream world, I set myself the challenge of creating a world of my own.

Born during the spring of 1979, I moved around a lot during my childhood and teen years, which brought me into contact with a lot of people throughout my life, all of whom have contributed to my rich life experiences; it is these experiences which have expanded my imagination, enabling me to embark on this project. The Chronicles of Freylar is a huge undertaking, one which I am fully committed to developing. I am no stranger to large scale projects; my extensive background in IT has allowed me to develop and implement a number of software and infrastructure innovations over the years. Though I enjoy my work, due to its seemingly endless fresh challenges, the IT sector is a continuously evolving industry where innovations are rapidly lost in time with the relentless advance of technology. Stories, however, are timeless. I have always wanted to create a written world of my own which I can leave behind for my son, and hopefully for others to enjoy too.

Liam W H Young

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